This week there's more talk about the travesty that is the Trump campaign but also great stuff about Pokémon Go being banned for sex offenders in NYC, the new pulled pork sandwich at Wits End saloon and Andrew's new pot buddy.  Oh and the brothers fight again.  Oh, and sorry, no FU Trivia this week- blame Chris.


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The guys about the conventions, the new "Ghostbusters" reboot and, of course, Marc and Andrew fight again. Also Andrew's drumming aspirations, Marc continues post production work on "The Brothers Nobody" and F.U Trivia with listener Andrew McCormick.

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Pokémon Go takes up way too much of the conversation but also Andrew ponders the racial divide in America while at the gym, Marc is nearly finished with the edit for the first "The Brothers Nobody" episode and we find out just how much Chris likes pizza rolls.  Also stuff about Trump's choice for VP, the media's role in fostering racial anger and F.U Trivia with listener Amy Peters. 

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In a hilarious, packed episode the guys cover Brexit, Elizabeth Warren's love for Donald Trump, angry reactions to Marc's Facebook post about assault rifles and WAY more.  Also FU trivia with listener Kandyce August.

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With Andrew running late, Marc and Chris talk about The Monkees new album, the Guns N' Roses reunion and Chris' near brawl with a drunk guy in Rosedale. Then Andrew shows and it's great stuff about his son playing bass at Hard Rock Cafe, his daughter Gabby stops by to sing and be mocked by her Uncle Marc. Plus talk about the alligator tragedy at Disney resort and F.U Trivia with listener Thomas Vane.

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In a shortened episode without Chris Lycholat, the brothers riff on the 1-10 pain scale doctors use, Prince's autopsy report, the Cincinnati Zoo incident and much more! Sorry no FU Trivia this week because Chris had the cord. 

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Much conversation about Marc's angst regarding "The Brothers Nobody" shoot as Andrew does nothing to allay his fears. Also stuff about Trump's 2006 comments on the housing bubble, the possibility of a Clinton/Sanders ticket and Marc introduces a possible theme song for his TV series.  Plus FU trivia with Corey Cohen. 

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In an episode that more than lives up to the new intro, Marc attacks Chris, Andrew attacks Marc and Chris attacks Marc, Andrew and himself.  Also discussions about "Game of Thrones" and the shooting of "The Brothers Nobody" series but mostly it's the brothers calling each other dick a lot. Plus F.U Trivia with listener Boodah Nichols.

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Marc's been making lots of whoopee, Andrew's daughter gets traumatized again and "The Brothers Nobody" project is cast.  Also stuff about a really boring article in the NY Times related to superhero movies, music acts cancelling concerts in Raleigh, NC and F.U Trivia with listener Ronald Imbragulio. 

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Andrew's email pisses off the dance moms in his daughter's dance troupe. Marc's pissed about the season finale of "The Walking Dead". Plus the guys talk about Marc's brush with the law, Chris Lycholat's pay and the winner of the "Thing That Sucks the Most about Presidential Elections" Tournament is announced. Also FU Trivia with listener Matti Lepper.

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